7 Principles Differentiates Us | Affordable Lawn Maintenance Services

  1. We’re the only company that uses organic methods to beautify your lawn and garden.
  2. Our team of experts has been landscaping for years and has the know-how to get the job done right
  3. We offer a wide variety of services, so you can get precisely what you need without going elsewhere.
  4. We’re affordable and will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget.
  5. We’re reliable and will always show up when we say we will.
  6. We take pride in our work and want you to be happy with the results we achieve together.
  7. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any.

New Jersey Landscaping Services

The landscaping company @NJLS provides high-quality lawn care to all clients, whether they are residential or commercial. prompt service delivery is a key factor in their success and we make sure you’re satisfied with our work!

Garden maintenance services are essential to keeping your yard looking its best. Don’t hesitate to contact New Jersey Landscaping Services today! We have all you need for a healthy and green lifestyle at an affordable price with our quality lawn care packages that will suit any property type – residential or commercial space? We can help transform dull patches into lush landscapes using the latest techniques in plant selection and organic pest control methods, so no more weeds are growing around here either!


Our team provides you with excellent customer service because we’re here at your side every step of the way – disposing of waste materials appropriately so there will be no more worries about what people say or think when they see it floating around outside your home due to an improperly installed septic tank system; making sure paver stones aren’t stepping down into small gaps between bricks where water can pool leading towards severe foundation damage over time.


Lawn Care Services

New Jersey Landscaping Services is a full-service landscaping company that offers a wide range of services. We provide every design and installation service your yard needs. We can also provide you with a free consultation to learn more about your lawn and how to care for it.


You never know when you’ll need a lawn service. This could be because your aging grass has started showing some signs of wear and tear, or it might just be time for some landscaping work! Give NJLS at 888-8-NJ-LAWN today to get rid of those weeds before they take over completely!”

Landscaping Services

NJLS is here to help! We offer a wide variety of landscaping services that will suit your needs. Whether you need grounds keeping at work, garden maintenance for personal use, or both—we’ve got it covered with quality service every time.



Need garden maintenance services for your home or business property? Your lawn is something that goes beyond just looking good. It’s an investment in your property and can make or break how valuable it truly may be! If you need help getting rid of those weeds, give NJLS a call today at 888-8-NJ-LAWN!

Maintenance Packages

Here at New Jersey Landscaping Services, we can provide our customers with Personalized Maintenance Packages. Customers can pick the pre-sorted packages or request a quote for their custom package!


You never know when you’ll need a lawn service. This could be when your aging grass needs some help, or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve had any landscaping work done, and now weeds are taking over! Give NJLS a call today at 888-8-NJ-LAWN!

Service Areas

Homeowners in New Jersey should call New Jersey Landscaping Services for all their landscape needs, from lawn care and planting trees to drainage repair. We offer fast, affordable (customers permanently save money), and environmentally friendly professional services.


You never know when you’ll need our lawn service, but it could be because of age-old grass that needs some help or perhaps its been awhile since landscaping work was done on your property. Call NJLS at 888 8-NJ-LAWN!

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